Catarina Sousa



We are a young, dynamic, specialized team, extremely motivated, moulding and adapting up to any type of project, with total focus on the client.

CIS has an innovation culture, which is constantly updated in the face of tax and legal requirements.

We are in permanent training and updating, to face the constant regulatory, legislative and accounting changes.

We are based on teamwork, thus reflecting the objectives of the CIS, creating a value proposition for our customers.

Cis History

CIS- Gestão Consultadoria e Contabilidade, Unipessoal, Lda, was founded on January 22,2019, being its owner Catarina Isabel Soares Sousa, entrepreneur, who decided to leave out of her comfort zone, which had 14 years of experience, exercising her activity for others.

CIS was created with the aim of breaking the traditional standards of SMEs and Accounting Offices, differentiating itself in its market, through innovative methodologies, based on technology that help in a quick, efficient and effective response.

At the beginning of this journey, CIS enjoyed support for new entrepreneurs, exercising its activity in a business centre. Noting the increase in the volume of business in just 8 months ago, decided to create its own space.

In 2020, CIS found that 95% of the investment projects it prepared and monitored were approved. These projects amounted to more than 1.8 millions of euros.

In the same year, CIS became the market leader in the provision of Consultancy and Accounting services on the Island of São Miguel, Azores, reaching 72% of the Civil Parish Councils of the Island. In 2021, it achieved records in the provision of services for preparing and delivering the IRS Model 3.

Therefore, CIS has been consecutively conquering different levels in its businesses and billing.

We are a team with total focus on the client
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